Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Co-moderating Enhancing Lessons

Here I am, starting yet another blog. But the event well deserves an exclusive venue.
Being in the moderating team of Enhancing Lessons is proving to be a wonderful experience for so many reasons.
To begin with, because of the fabulous moderators:
  • Robert, the perfect gentleman, always so patient with us inexperienced members.
  • Rita, my mentor, so generous and warm.
  • Nina, another generous webhead.
  • Maru, whom I've known for only one year but has already become a true friend.
  • And then my colleagues from Rosario, Analía and Alicia whom I knew only by name or remembered vaguely and who are already becoming wonderful road companions on this journey.


  1. Mary, Dear!

    "Aha" for your blog, a treasure. Just as you. I can read your soul through your lines. Each word unravels heaps of connections. Through this enhancing adventure, our ways are coming closer and closer. A pleasure to be sharing seats!

  2. I love the title of your blog. I've had so many 'aha' moments since I joined this group that it would really take me long to record them. Glad to be working with you too.

  3. Excellent choice for the title of your new blog !!! It´s a wonderful place for reflection. Congrats on everything you´ve done in such a short time. I wish you the very best. Love,


  4. Dear Analía, Alicia and Noemí,
    Thank you so very much for visiting and pampering me with your warm words. Your comments have made my day.