Thursday, 29 January 2009

29 Jan highlights

We are already in Week 3: Integrating Online Speaking and Listening. This has been a most fruitful week so far, with very interesting comments in the Enhancing Lessons Yahoo Group and warm friendly chats at Tapped In.
Some highlights:
  • Alicia's idea for using Chinswing:
"How about this idea? Children love listening to stories and inventing stories. After teaching and practising the past tense, the teacher could start a story in CS. Sth like 'It was Sunday and Roberta was going to visit her grandparents who lived in the wood. She woke up at seven and .....'
Then the children would have to continue the story (we could even ask them to begin by repeating the last sentence in the previous post). The teacher could post again if necessary (e.g if they have lost track of the story).
  • The discussion Rita started in Tapped In, which allowed me to discover this wonderful tool.
  • The links to Studystack provided by Robert. Great tool for learning and practising vocabulary.
  • The Flickr toys links provided by Analía. They are great for creating stories associated with images. Here they are: Bookr Bubblr Phrasr

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