Tuesday, 12 April 2011

M4T-A: reflections on the first chapter of "Using Moodle"

In the first chapter of their book “Using Moodle”, Jason Colen and Helen Foster clearly outline the factors that make Moodle special:
  • It’s open source, thus allowing for peer review and knowledge sharing.
  • It’s free, and as such, free from market pressures, which can sometimes result in detriment to quality.
  • It’s based on the educational philosophy of social constructionism which views learning as a reconstruction rather than a transmission of knowledge, emphasizing the role of creative experimentation and meaning negotiation. While CMSs are tool centered, Moodle is learning centered and aims at the construction of knowledge through exploration, discovery, sharing and collaboration rather than at the mere delivery of information.
  • It’s nurtured by a large and active community of users and developers who, through their feedback and suggestions, ensure quality and constant development.

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