Friday, 10 April 2009


Today, as I was following a link in a blog, I came across "Digifolios", a tool completely new to me. When I googled the word, I ended up in a slideshare created by Cristina Costa. She provides a very clear explanation of what digifolios are and how they can benefit us and our students. This is part of what she says in one of her comments below the presentation:

"I think eportfolios really have a 'saying' in the 21st century, and we as educators need to look at it from the students' perspective. And also find ways to realize how it can add value to what they are doing. It is important to guide them to establish their professional and personal identity in order to make them more marketable to their future careers. How people can be prepared / mentored to show evidence of their knowledge (what they know), of their ongoing activity (what, how and with whom they are learning) and of their predisposition to keep learning and upgrading their skills ( how flexible, how dynamic and how willing they are to constantly improve and excel)"

And this is the actual presentation:

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